Understand vertical crowd flow inside buildings

Staircases, escalators and elevators are the vertical means of access in buildings and can hardly be distinguished in their basic function - they connect individual floors into a single unit. However, there are major differences in their cost and mode of operation, which must be taken into account during planning. When planning, it is therefore particularly important to know the capacities and effects of the access routes in order to be able to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Finding the right mix

As a planner, you have stairs, escalators and elevators at your disposal to connect individual floors. But how wide should your stairs be? How many escalators should you plan for? Where are elevators most efficiently used? And how well does the interaction of the various forms of access work? With the help of simulations, you can easily simulate different combinations and arrangements to find the best layout for your project.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Retrofitting for additional capacity is a cost engineering nightmare. In addition, elevators and escalators are expensive to maintain. Therefore, it is important to avoid planning errors at an early stage. By means of simulations, you can ensure that your system meets the utilization requirements and is neither too large nor too small.

Detailed analyses

Elevator manufacturers have exact data on the theoretical passenger capacity or even the conveying capacity. Sometimes, the planned installations are also roughly simulated. What is not considered here, however, is the overall system. Our simulations give you information about the overall system - and thus also simulate the load to be expected on elevators in reality. In doing so, one can evaluate many details such as waiting times, capacity or travel time.

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