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Simulating crowd flows realistically and reliably is only possible with a modern, validated model. To guarantee this, we are actively engaged in research and committees and never stop building bridges between science and practice.

Committee Work

We are involved in various professional associations and committees from the very beginning. We are convinced that a new technology can only be successful, recognized and understood through an exchange between science, legislation and practice.
Our founder and managing director Dr. Angelika Kneidl is the first board member of the RiMEA association. RiMEA aims to update the guideline of the same name for the preparation of evacuation analyses by bringing together perspectives from research, practice and industry.

In the field of event safety, Angelika is working group leader in the FGSV working committee 1.9 on the topic of "Use of simulations in crowd planning and control" (AK 1.9.3). She is also involved in the committee for the further development of DIN 18009-2 evacuation simulation and crowd safety.

In addition to scientific work, it is also important to us to be close to the practical side of things. This is why Sophia Simon is involved in the crenet Association for Corporate Real Estate Management in German-speaking countries as Regional Director South.

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Angelika Kneidl, Founder and CEO

"During my doctorate on the simulation of pedestrian movements, the terrible accident at the 2010 Love Parade in Duisburg occurred. This was the impetus for me to share my research findings and make a valuable contribution to safety in public spaces.

This has to be done at various levels, which is why I am involved as the first chairwoman of RiMEA, as head of the working group on simulations for crowd planning and control at the FGSV and as a member of other committees. My aim is to ensure a bilateral exchange between practice and research."

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We always keep you up to date with the latest developments in passenger flow simulations. Here you will find the most important topics:

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  • Lessons learned from the Love Parade - new guidelines for security at events EVC
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  • Density and distance - how do I assess congestion and keeping my distance?
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Standards, regulations and reference works


We conduct research in various areas, from BIM and multiscale models at major events to the mapping of mobile networks. You can find an overview of all our research projects here.

Overview Research
To this end, we work closely with various colleges and universities and are also active in teaching and practical courses.

Model and validation

How can you actually represent the movement of people in a program - in other words, how do you get from theory to implementation? And how do I know that the results are reliable?
Here you can read all about the theory behind people flow simulations, the model and validation.

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Selected Publications

  • openBIM for Occupant Movement Analysis Industry Insight Paper
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  • Walking on stairs: Experiment and model.
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  • Simulation of the Neuschwanstein Castle: Egress of a fairy castle
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