The EVC regulations

New rules for events: Recommendations for crowd management at large events

In 2022, a new set of regulations "Recommendations on Traffic and Crowd Management for Events" was published. It contains many new specifications, standards and recommendations for traffic planning processes and crowd management at events. It deals with the planning, routing and management of people arriving, departing and present in public areas at events.

Brief overview and assistance in applying the EVC rules


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Press report from 08.11.2022

Prof. Jürgen Gerlach on similarities between the Itaewon Seoul and Love Parade Duisburg accidents (Korean, German, English)

Recommendations for use in planning events

The publisher, the FGSV Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen (German Road and Transportation Research Association), recommends that these regulations be used in all planning and approval processes in which traffic and pedestrian flows to and from events are dealt with, as well as in the handling and assessment of pedestrian flows during events. Experience has shown that the FGSV regulations are considered to be the recognized rules of technology or the state of the art in the planning, approval and operation of facilities, especially in cases of dispute. It is therefore advisable not to deviate from the requirements, some of which are new, or to do so only for good reasons and to justify these deviations in writing - preferably in the safety concept for an event. In addition, a great deal of experience from past events has been incorporated, so that the explanations in the regulations can be an important aid in the preparation and execution of events.

Call for cooperation

In the future, the FGSV intends to regularly update these recommendations in a separate working committee with several working groups and to address individual topics related to traffic and crowd management at events in independent publications. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an e-mail to

accu:rate was involved in the creation

The new regulations were also developed in cooperation with accu:rate.

Dr. Angelika Kneidl contributed her experience and knowledge, especially in the chapters on evacuation.