We create safe & livable spaces

We help our customers to solve their challenges in dealing with the dynamics of crowds.

Accurate Team mit ihrer Crowd Software

With crowd simulations, we test locations in terms of safety and comfort of usage. This provides our customers with valuable insights and enables them to generate viable solutions.

Who we are

we are experts in crowd simulation and software development

we define standards for the future

we are breaking new ground through close research collaborations

we combine cutting-edge technologies to create new value

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Our solution combines
three pillars of knowledge.



As experts in visitor flows and crowd simulation, we understand the needs of our customers and offer customized solutions for their projects. Read more about application areas, project processes and references.

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crowd:it is the most modern simulation software on the market. As we are constantly integrating new features and research results, crowd:it can be used for many different areas of application. Here you will find all information on prices, downloads and online demos.

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We work closely with universities and contribute to committees in order to transfer the latest technologies and best practices directly into crowd:it. In this way, we are actively shaping the future of crowd simulation. Find out more about the theoretical background, current standards and regulations and the latest research topics.  

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The perfect combination

As crowd flow and crowd simulation experts, we understand customers‘ needs and offer tailored solutions for their projects.
We collaborate closely with universities to transfer latest technologies and best practices directly in crowd:it. Thus, we actively shape the future of crowd simulations.
Requirements from our projects are integrated as new features that again improve the results of our own projects and of the users’ work.

We have already been able to help these customers

We help our customers to solve their challenges in dealing with crowd dynamics. By simulating people flows, we create digital prototypes of places and develop valuable insights and actionable solutions for our clients.

We do, 
what we love!

Dr. Angelika Kneidl, Founder and CEO

"During my doctorate on the simulation of people flows, the terrible accident at the 2010 Love Parade in Duisburg occurred. This was the impetus for me to share my research findings and make a valuable contribution to safety in public spaces.

This has to happen at various levels, which is why I am involved as the first board member of RiMEA and as a member of other committees and ensure a bilateral exchange between practice, standardization and research."

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