Software for simulating crowd flows

We have been developing software for microscopic, agent-based simulation and analysis of people flows for more than 10 years. It is based on the Optimal Steps Model and is continuously developed further based on the latest scientific findings. We have called it crowd:it.

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Why do simulations help?

They support you in understanding the dynamics of crowds
Spatio-temporal relationships are identified
Planning flaws are detected at an early stage to avoid high follow-up costs
They reliably determine clearance processes and times as well as capacities.
They allow for objective communication with all parties involved

What's inside crowd:it

crowd:it was created in 2013 as part of Dr. Angelika Kneidl's dissertation. Since then, the software has been continuously developed with a great deal of knowledge, passion and dedication. Our software team consists exclusively of experts who have been trained in software development as well as modeling and simulation.

It is very important to us that crowd:it is and remains up-to-date, which is why the latest research results are constantly being incorporated into model development. We work very closely with universities in Germany and around the world.

We work with crowd:it ourselves on a daily basis, so we can quickly see where we can improve processes, incorporate new features and make the entire operating process more user-friendly.

In addition to a good user experience, we are committed to ensuring that our software is always valid - with every major release we run RiMEA tests and validate our software with multiple validation suites. You can read more about our validation process here

Our customers use crowd:it for:

  • Fire safety certificates - Building law applications
  • Event planning indoor - outdoor
  • Planning and dimensioning train stations
  • Occupational safety
  • Analyzing visitor flows in
    • Stadia
    • Museums
    • Airports
    • Concert halls
    • Theaters

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