Digitally prototype your building

To plan a building is complex, especially with mixed use. The requirements of various user groups must be incorporated into the building concept as early as possible. The problem: How can one estimate in advance whether the building will later function as planned? How can the risk of expensive conversion measures and time delays be reduced?

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A building where everyone feels comfortable

Check whether the building will work for the intended use. Especially public buildings, such as cultural institutions, meeting places or mixed-use buildings, need to be equally comfortable and usable for very different user groups. Play through the different walkways and types of use of such personas in advance and get to know your building even before construction. Identify optimization potential at an early stage and thus avoid expensive conversion measures.

Decide on the best variant

In the early stages of planning, it is difficult to decide which variant is the best. Simulations help with the evaluation because they bring the building to life in advance. This makes it possible, for example, to check whether a targeted level-of-service is being met, where bottlenecks are occurring or unused space is being created.

Check third-party usability of real estate

Commercial real estate has never had to be more flexible. Lease terms are short, so it's important that the property can be quickly repurposed and adapted to new needs. And conversion measures also require an assessment of whether the new option will bring the desired added value. We test for you how well which conversion and repurposing measures work for your building and help you save costs.

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Your building needs to withstand all the demands of everyday life?

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