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Fire protection requirements and workplace regulations do not always coincide and must be harmonised, especially in existing buildings. The health and safety of employees is a top priority, but the measures must be structurally and technically feasible on the one hand and economically viable on the other. In making decisions in this area of conflict, evacuation simulations with reliable key figures help.

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Check for safety

A deviation does not mean that safe evacuation is not feasible. We help you to define reasonable and safe protection goals and to prove them with simulations. So that the safety of employees is guaranteed at all times.

Test different alarming concepts

If the occupancy per floor is high or the stairwell can become a bottleneck, it makes sense to develop alarm concepts with sequential alarming. With simulations, these different variants can be easily tested for evacuation time and occurring congestion and thus the best concept can be developed.

Special case schools

Modern learning and room concepts require flexible use of the school building, but this cannot always be reconciled with fire protection specifications. Simulations can be used to test the most unfavorable cases and evaluate them for safety. In this way, you can save yourself superfluous conversion measures.

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