Reliable simulation of pedestrian flows

Choose the package that suits you best - for small projects, regularly simulations, or for working in teams!

Regardless of the package, you receive all features, all evaluation options, all export functions and a high degree of flexibility thanks to the floating license.

crowd:it starter
Your first step in the world of simulation

1 user

100 agents

2 floors

€ 0 / year

crowd:it lite
Big impact for small projects

1 user

1,000 agents

3 floors

€ 1,500 / year

crowd:it personal
Our classic: The all-round simulation package

1 user

10,000 agents

10 floors

€ 4,000 / year

crowd:it team
The simulation package for teams

2 users

30,000 agents

30 floors

€ 7,000 / year

crowd:it business
The enterprise solution for your company

5 users



10 x individual support


€ 20,000 / year

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