Vectorworks Plugin for crowd:it

For a smooth integration between Vectorworks and crowd:it, we have developed a plugin that helps to import Vectorworks files into crowd:it.

From Vectorworks to crowd:it

Crowd simulation is a powerful tool that allows designers, planners, and emergency responders to understand and predict the behavior of crowds, and to make informed decisions that can improve safety, efficiency, and comfort in various situations.

The technology behind it makes it possible to simulate the behavior of crowds in various situations, such as pedestrian movement in public spaces, evacuation of buildings during emergencies, or crowd behavior during events.

Good simulation software is characterized by the fact that the movement of a large number of people can be simulated, but at the same time individual characteristics, behaviors, and preferences can be assigned to them. All of these characteristics as well as the geometry, in which the scenario is supposed to happen, has to be modelled and assigned upfront. And usually, during the process of a simulation, different scenarios will be tested and compared to each other. Therefore, CAD drawings have to be prepared for the simulation. This is an extra task and can be time consuming, so it is important that the different software are compatible with each other.

That is why we have developed a plug-in for Vectorworks to help our mutual customers get results faster and with less media disruption.

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