Version 2.26.0 is released!

We develop and improve crowd:it continuously. And now, a new version is released with great new features.

In addition to various bug fixes, there are also a few great new features that we would like to introduce to you.

Draw and edit walls

This release allows you to draw new walls and edit, move, and delete existing walls in crowd:it. Similar to the editing of simulation objects in Release 2.23.0, we have added two new tools to our toolbar:

one for drawing new open and closed walls:

and one for editing a wall:

This will make working with crowd:it much easier.

For the first time, this update makes it possible to create a simulation entirely in crowd:it without depending on an external CAD program.

For example, you can import your construction plans as a background image and draw in the required walls and simulation objects. This will allow you to design a concept for the simulation very quickly. Small quick changes are just as easy to make as, for example, a comparison with a closed escape route. If you want to rely on the accuracy of a dedicated CAD program, the import of DXF files is of course still available as usual.

In the course of this innovation, we have introduced numerous other small features related to walls. For example, walls can now be selected via the quick selection to apply an operation to many walls at the same time. This means that each wall can now be assigned an individual color - previously this was only possible for all walls bundled together.

Draw walls

Edit walls

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A complete list of our changes can be found in our changelog.

Do you have further questions? Your desired feature is not yet in this release? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!