Version 2.25.0 is released!

We develop and improve crowd:it continuously. And now, a new version is released with great new features.

In addition to various bug fixes, there are also a few great new features that we would like to introduce to you.

Measure tool to read distances

The new ruler tool lets you quickly and easily estimate distances in your plan. Select the ruler in the toolbar on the left and click in the plan to add points. crowd:it displays the length of each segment, as well as the total length of the measured distance.

measurement tool in crowd:it
Simulations with just one click

Many simulations require complex settings to achieve the desired behavior. However, a first estimation of the scenario can usually be achieved very easily: Agents should walk from their source to the next destination. To map this behavior as easily as possible, we have added a new simulation mode "Run simple assessment" to crowd:it.
Just create your sources, destinations and stairs - no further settings like paths or sets are necessary. The "Run simple assessment" mode (found in the Simulate menu) automatically guides agents to the closest destination. Agents will also independently select stairs to reach exits on other floors, as we described in our last release 2.24.0 post.

New function for power users: batch export of reports

With increasing complexity, finished simulations take more and more time and memory to load and display in crowd:it. Once a project has been simulated and analyzed, you often want to export many diagrams, screenshots and videos from the crowd:it file without having to open the application and wait for the simulation results to load. Therefore, in this release we have developed a new advanced function that allows you to define and export analyses without starting the crowd:it user interface. Please refer to our documentation, section 16 Advanced tools, for more information.

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A complete list of our changes can be found in our changelog.

Do you have further questions? Your desired feature is not yet in this release? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!