Optimization of passenger flows

A large number of people come together at airports and train stations. Too little capacity in the process flow or too little space can quickly lead to congestion or slowdowns. For this reason, a constant and, if possible, conflict-free passenger flow must be ensured. However, this is particularly difficult to take into account during the planning phase. With the help of passenger flow simulations, the interaction between passenger flow and available areas can be checked even before the construction phase.

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Maintain your Level of Service

Measure the comfort in your infrastructure buildings already in the planning phase by categorizing platform areas according to level-of-service and checking flow rates. This enables you to take countermeasures at an early stage in the event of planning errors or to analyze the necessary areas in advance for conversion measures.

What travel times can you expect?

Connections between different modes of transportation inevitably result in longer transfer times. But what exactly does that mean at rush hour? And can these be improved by structural or organizational measures? With a simulation, you can evaluate all walkways and analyze appropriate countermeasures, thus preparing your building for the case of hardship.

Elevator or stairs?

Vertical access elements can often be bottlenecks in busy buildings. Especially in stations with multiple train connections or floors, elevators or escalators are a limiting element in the flow of people. With the help of our simulations, you can check the utilization of your stairs and escalators to the second and reduce costs if necessary.

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