Passenger flow simulation of the subway station “Hauptbahnhof” on the lines U4/U5

For sustainable planning, we were commissioned with a passenger flow simulation of the station "Hauptbahnhof" on the subway line U4/U5.

Client: Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM)
Task: Passenger flow simulation
Result: Optimization of the layout variants for the planned station modernisation regarding passenger flows


Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (MVG), the transport subsidiary of Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM), combines traditional transport (underground, bus, and tram) with modern and environmentally compatible mobility in Munich. In recent years, MVG has developed from a classic transport operator into a modern mobility service provider with many innovative services. In response to the growth of the city and the planned extensions of the underground line, SWM is planning to modernise the Hauptbahnhof underground station on the U4 / U5 lines. In order to be able to estimate the effects of the renovation before the start of construction, accu:rate was commissioned by SWM to carry out a series of pedestrian flow simulations for the underground station.

Objective of the simulation

The modernisation of the station have to take into consideration the forecast of gowing numbers of passengers. The goal of the passenger flow simulation was to determine how the different variants of the station's layout can be optimized under these conditions.

Our approach

  • Simulation of passenger flow on the platform during rush hour
  • Analysis of passenger flow for different variants of the station's layout
  • Determination of the level of service on the platform as well as evaluation of the layout variants


The results of the simulation identified the neuralgic points, evaluated the operational feasibility and gave input for further improvements of the station's layout. Thus, the SWM received a basis for decision-making to plan the station's modernisation in a goal-oriented manner.
Figure: Distribution of passangers on the platform