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Every event is unique and varies in terms of the number of visitors, the location and the type of event. In the vast majority of cases, everything runs smoothly and without any major disruptions. But what happens if an emergency occurs and the event has to be evacuated? You can use modern tools, in addition to the requirements of event safety standards, to guarantee the safe evacuation of your visitors.

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Determine evacuation times

With the help of our tool, you can get a feel for how long it will take to evacuate your event. In addition to the total evacuation time, you can also see the evacuation curve and measure when the last person leaves through any given exit. This gives you confidence when making critical decisions in an emergency.

Understand the dynamics of evacuations

With complex or large-scale geometries, it's not always easy to predict crowd dynamics by just only describing it statically. How does the crowd flow evolve during an evacuation? What conditions affect the dynamics within the evacuation? With the help of our analyses, you will gain a deep insight on crowd dynamics, enabling you to make conclusive and objective decisions.

Create a safe evacuation concept

The analysis of the people flow over time enables you to design a safe evacuation concept, which is often required according to regulations. By testing different variants, you can directly see the influence of different constellations and thus develop the optimal concept.

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