Understand the crowd dynamics at your event

Every event is unique and varies in the number of visitors, the location and the type. What do events have in common? Most of the time many visitors come together, and sometimes the dynamics and interactions are not predictable. We support you in planning the circulation and processes in advance so that the visitors feel comfortable and your event will be a complete success!

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Check and optimize entrance capacities

With simple hand calculations, important details can be overlooked easily. Simulations support to pay attention to these details and give a robust estimate for ingress and egress situations.

Understand the circulation processes of your event in detail

With the help of our analyses, you will gain deep insight into circulation aspects and procedures at your event. Plan the correct number and placement of toilets, wardrobes, food & beverage booths or test the visitor guidance in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Plan your security staff

Simulations can support to optimize your need for security guards at your event. Use simulations to identify the neuralgic points where security guards need to be placed. Test different layouts to determine the most economical and, at the same time, safest option.

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