Social Distancing Simulation of Hamburg Messe und Congress

Hamburg Messe und Congress is getting ready for the resumption of event operations. To prove their hygiene concept, accu:rate was commissioned with a social distancing simulation.

Client: Hamburg Messe und Congress
Task: Capacity planning with Social Distancing Simulation
Result: Corona compliant capacity check


Hamburg Messe und Congress is a full-service provider and, with its 87,000 m² of hall space, one of the most modern exhibition centers in the world. Every year, approximately 700,000 visitors take part in the more than 40 national and international trade fairs and congresses. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, organizers in particular have to develop new concepts to ensure visitor safety. In order to determine how many visitors can stay on the premises safely and in compliance with the current regulations of keeping their distance, accu:rate was commissioned with a Social Distancing Simulation.
„The results of the simulation helped us a lot in determining the maximum possible number of visitors. By being able to play through different visitor numbers as well as measures, we were able to determine provable and comprehensible quantities and achieve an economical solution with all parties involved.“

Objective of the simulation

It was determined how many visitors could be allowed on the site under the condition of keeping a distance. For this purpose, visitor numbers were iteratively lowered and, with the help of social distancing evaluations, protection goals were jointly developed to ensure safe trade fair operations "at a distance."

Our approach

  • Comparison of normal operations and COVID-specific, organizational measures to test compliance with minimum distances.
  • Analysis of different scenarios of the admission area and two exhibitor halls with different visitor numbers to determine optimal capacity during COVID restrictions


The social distancing simulation provided Hamburg Messe und Congress with resilient figures on how to ensure safe trade fair operations during COVID restrictions and which organizational measures achieve the desired effect.
Figure: Social Distancing Simulation of the entrance in peak hour
Image sources: Bild von Paul Schneider auf Pixabay