Simulation of the multifunctional arena SAP Garden

The Olympiapark Munich is getting another attraction and the EHC Red Bull has a new home: the SAP Garden.

Client: Red Bull Stadion München GmbH
Aufgabe: Visitor analysis
Ergebnis: Analysis of the visitor concept to optimize the operational processes


The SAP Garden will be the new and ultra-modern multifunctional arena in the Munich Olympiapark built by Red Bull Stadion München GmbH. The sports arena, which is unique in terms of design, will serve as a venue for both FC Bayern Munich basketball games and EHC Red Bull Munich ice hockey games. The arena is slated to open in 2022. The hall will be able to accommodate 11,500 spectators and contain up to 2,000 standing.
“Planning a multifunctional arena with all the different user groups is very complex. That is why we decided on a simulation. The results have shown us exactly where we need to make structural or organizational adjustments so that operations will run smoothly, we can work cost-effectively and will be able respond as much as possible to the needs of our visitors." (Red Bull Stadion München GmbH)

Objective of the simulation

With such a complex multifunctional arena, it is almost impossible to use conventional methods to efficiently plan the comfort and safety of the audience. This is why accu:rate was commissioned to analyze different usage scenarios in order to examine travel, waiting and filling times as well as capacities. The aim of the project was to identify where the later operation could already be improved in the planning phase so that the arena can run cost-effectively on the one hand and the visitors experience the greatest possible comfort during their stay on the other.

Our approach

  • Stress test service facilities: queues in front of toilets, cloakrooms, kiosks etc. were checked in order to increase capacities and determine the best possible distribution throughout the stadium.
  • Quality of stay: walking routes in the VIP area improved in order to have more time for F&B and other services during the breaks.
  • Organization of admission: Required number of personnel determined over the entire course of the game.


The results of the analysis have shown which areas can be optimized for operations in the planning phase in order to avoid long waiting times at the expense of visitor comfort and service income. Together with the client, we have developed solutions to optimize precisely these areas to create great fan experiences.

Image sources: Photo by Peri Stojnic on Unsplash