Performance-based simulation in special buildings

Special buildings are structures, buildings or spaces that have special characteristics with regard to their type, size or height or are intended for a special use. In many cases, this use involves a large number of people. This can quickly become complex and dangerous in an emergency. Simulations help to maintain an overview and to be prepared for challenging situations or to systematically avoid them.

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Evacuation analysis according to DIN 18009-2

We perform our simulations in accordance with the applicable DIN 18009-2. Our expert opinions are prepared according to the generally accepted state of the art and are comprehensible and testable for authorities. Since DIN 18009-2 is not assigned to a building type, simulations can be applied to any special building to evaluate congestion and evacuation times.

Understanding spatial-temporal relationships

Shops, schools or meeting places - these buildings are usually visited and used by a large number of people. It is therefore difficult to maintain an overview when drawing up an evacuation concept. Our simulations help you to visualize these spatial-temporal relationships and to identify problem areas. This makes it possible to create a holistic concept that not only focuses on the safety of the user, but also illustrates it and makes it comprehensible

Simulations help where regulations end

For some buildings - despite their unusual size or type of use - the general building code applies. Special buildings such as airports fall into this category. Here, it is questionable whether application of the general building code is still expedient or whether other measures should be taken. With the help of simulations, you can check the usefulness of planned escape and rescue routes and, if necessary, draw up new and safer concepts.

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