Thousands of people walk through airports and train stations every day: on their way to work, to visit friends, or to go on holidays. The main purpose of these buildings is to make sure people arrive at their destination in an efficient manner.

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With people flow simulation you can verify cost-effectively and quickly, if this goal can be fulfilled long-term. You can compare planning concepts in order to meet all requirements - today and in the future.

We answer the following questions:

  • How many passengers can be handled each hour at the most?
  • How much influence does the personnel have on the travelers' processing time?
  • Where do passenger jams occur?
  • How much space is needed for queue lanes?
  • How can the passengers‘ transfer time be reduced?
  • How can the passengers' entry and exit time be optimized?

Please have a look at the customers we were already able to help:

Pedestrian flow analysis of a Munich subway station

Pedestrian flow analysis of a Munich subway station

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Your added value

  • Cost reduction
  • Assure your plan
  • Proof of equivalency
  • Convincing communication
  • Cost-effective test of "what-if" scenarios

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