Optimized processes in the transport and mobility sector with passenger flow simulations

Thousands of people visit airports and train stations every day. The main purpose of these buildings is providing passengers a comfortable and safe journey.
With a passenger flow simulation, you can quickly check whether your infrastructure building meets your requirements and criteria today and in the future.

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Ensure your passengers’ safe and comfortable journey

Particularly in the planning phase for the construction or modification of complex stations, it is not always possible to intuitively estimate how passengers will behave and where bottlenecks or delays may occur. A passenger flow simulation can minimize planning errors and the associated costs. Before construction begins, check whether your station or airport is comfortable and safe for future passengers and whether the building is adequately dimensioned.


Projects with Deutsche Bahn: ensure passenger comfort at new stations in Munich during the planning phase

DB Netz AG with the major project second core S-Bahn route has long been a constant among our project customers.
DB is always keen on offering its passengers the highest possible level of comfort and safety - even during peak time of commuting.
Using various simulations of new stations in Munich, we were able to examine passenger flows, dimensioning of platform and transfer routes between the individual means of transport as early as the planning phase. The knowledge gained from the simulations could be used for further planning and optimization of the layout and processes.
We were also commissioned to investigate the reconstruction measures at the Central Station in Munich and its nucleus with regard to boarding, deboarding and transfer connections.

By using BIM models and passenger flow simulations, two state-of-the-art tools were combined, which, in combination, is an effective instrument to prevent planning errors. A high degree of cost and planning reliability can be provided even before construction begins.

Custom 3D visualization of a passenger flow simulation
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We provide answers to the following questions with passenger flow simulations:

  • What is the maximum number of passengers that can be handled per hour?
  • How can the times of passenger throughput be influenced by the personnel deployed?
  • Where does passenger congestion occur?
  • How much space do the queues take up?
  • How can the transfer time of passengers be reduced?
  • How can passenger transfer times be optimized?
  • How can the usage behaviour of passengers be optimized?

See here how we have helped other customers:

Passenger flow simulation of the 2nd S-Bahn main line at Munich Central Station

Passenger flow simulation of the 2nd S-Bahn main line at Munich Central Station

Visitors’ flow analysis at Munich Airport

Visitors’ flow analysis at Munich Airport

Pedestrian flow analysis of a Munich subway station

Pedestrian flow analysis of a Munich subway station

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