Develop and test different solutions with crowd simulation

Stadiums and arenas are special buildings. All visitors arrive at the same time, behave equally and leave at the same time. To ensure safety and visitor comfort, crowd simulations can be an important step in the planning process.


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Check capacities

Crowd simulations can be used to check whether it is possible to increase the capacity in existing building, whether the processes such as entry and exit work or how people behave during breaks.

Stress-test evacuation concepts

In order to evacuate all visitors in case of an emergency, special attention must be paid to the design of escape and rescue routes as well as to preventive fire protection measures when planning stadiums and arenas - especially, if they have to work equally for a variety of different events. The design of escape and rescue routes is particularly important, as these routes make an essential contribution to ensuring visitor safety.


Optimize the location of F&B and other services

With the help of comfort studies, added value can also be created in stadiums. A simulation can provide important information about queuing and congestion at toilets, beverage and snack stands. Optimize the comfort in your stadium to ensure that your visitors enjoy a comfortable stay.


Test entry gate systems

Long waiting times at security checks in stadiums are not uncommon and can quickly become a safety risk. How can the admission control be handled as quickly as possible? And are there enough queuing and relaxation areas available? When it comes to the exit, safety-related questions also arise: Will everyone get out quickly after the match? Even in case of an evacuation? These questions can be answered with crowd simulation and different entry gate constellations can be tested in order to optimize the in- and outflow.


Validate redesigns and change of use

Stadiums and arenas have an increasing pressure to succeed. While originally they were used exclusively for sporting events, they now have a wide range of applications with different uses. A simulation can help you to decide if your stadium is suitable as a venue for concerts etc. Read more about the change of use at stadiums here.


We were able to support these customers with a simulation project:

Simulation of the multifunctional arena SAP Garden

Simulation of the multifunctional arena SAP Garden

Capacity expansion of the LANXESS arena

Capacity expansion of the LANXESS arena

Evacuation simulation of the Allianz Arena

Evacuation simulation of the Allianz Arena

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  • Cost savings through proof that all persons can leave the building safely
  • Quick identification of critical areas
  • Check of the capacity of escape routes
  • Virtual testing of escape plans and evacuation times

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