crowd:it - the software for state-of-the-art planners

Our microscopic, agentbased software for crowd simulation

With crowd:it, we offer a simulation software that supports you in all your needs - recognized and validated, with helpful functions and always up to date when it comes to standards and specifications.

Recognized tool for approvable permits in construction
Optimized for typical questions in fire safety
Always one step ahead with latest specifications



Technical Data
  Floating License
   Regular updates
  Technical support from our team of experts
   Import of all CAD files

System requirements
  Windows 7 or higher, MacOS, Linux
   CAD Software with DXF support
   8 GB RAM
  Internet connection



Functions and Features

Data Import
  • Screenshots
  • Videos
  • Individualization (logo, titel, background)
  • Colour agents (e.g. by velocity, destination...)
  • Visualize traces
Modelling and Simulation
  • Configuration of individual agent characteristics
  • Statistical runs
  • Social Distancing Model
  • Heuristics for different behaviours
  • Plots
  • Analyses with trip wires
  • Heatmaps
  • Detailed area evaluations


Want to know more about crowd:it?

Arrange a one-hour demo appointment in which we can show you the basic functionality of crowd: it and answer your specific questions.