What is  crowd:it ?

  • crowd:it is a software package for microscopic, agent-based crowd simulation.
  • crowd:it is developed in-house based on the Optimal Steps Model by Dr. Michael Seitzs and Prof. Gerta Köster, inter alia, as well as on Dr. Angelika Kneidl's research at the Technical University Munich.
  • crowd:it passes all of the tests for simulators of RiMEA e.V. , NIST and IMO 1238


Use cases for  crowd:it

crowd:it is a digital, innovative planning tool with use cases for event planning, fire safety and construction.

  • Analyze pedestrian flow and movement patterns
  • Prototype and optimize a building or event throughout its lifecycle
  • Stress-test worst case scenarios to prepare and reduce risk
  • Validate safety concepts



We offer four different packages, which reflect various industry needs. From event planners to fire protectors and facility managers – we have the right solution for you!

  • Easy Event: prioritize security at your event – quick and simple.
  • Fire Safety: engineering methods for contemporary fire protection.
  • Smart Building: understand the processes of your building from initial planning to operation.
  • Allround Pro: from large events to complex buildings – this package includes all features and functions.

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Create the geometry in your favourite CAD package and specify the simulation parameters in crowd:it

Compatibility with all CAD programs

With crowd:it's .dxf importer, you can import any CAD file in crowd:it. You can use whichever CAD software you prefer to prepare your floor plans.


Agents with character

In crowd:it you can configure your simulated agents. Set:

  • Agent size
  • Agent walking speed
  • Group affiliation
  • Individual plans and preferences


Background image 

Background images provide context to a simulation. Save time by modelling only what you must, and add a background image to fill in the blanks.

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System­­ requirements and prerequisites

  • Windows 7 or higher, MacOS, Linux
  • CAD software with DXF support (AutoCAD, QCAD, etc)
  • Java 8 (64 Bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Internet connection

Simulation and visualization

Run and edit the simulation and analyze your results.

Colour your agents

Agents can be coloured according to the choice of their routes, for example, to identify which agent uses the most frequented routes.

Colour agents according to their:

  • Local density, speed, group size
  • Origin and destination
  • Evacuation time


Visualize path usage

Identify at a glance which areas are most frequented. Visualize the precise paths of:

  • All simulated/ active agents
  • Selected agents (by origin, destination, ID...)


Find more visualizations here.

Analysis and report

Enrich your simulation with built-in tools that aid your analysis of the simulation.

Export videos and screenshots and save the raw data of every chart as .csv file.


Visualize bottlenecks and critical points of a lenghty simulation.
Overlay your floor plan with colors according to your criteria:

  • Density
  • Speed
  • Geographical movement


Detailed analysis: tripwires

Count agents crossing a line. Mark a line of interests, and see:

  • Counts of agents crossing the tripwire
  • Agent speed at the tripwire
  • Journey duration between two or more tripwires


Detailed analysis: areas

Understand what happens in an area of interest. Evaluate the agent behaviour within. Evaluations include:

  • Agent length of stay
  • Density
  • Agent speed

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