Safe operation for visitors and employees?

We simulate social distancing measures and operating concepts in your building!

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Bring your employees safely back to the workplace

  • Design optimal occupancy concepts for your employees.
  • Check critical areas such as entrances, elevators or canteens in advance for social distancing.
  • Assess the risk for your employees and incorporate it into hygiene concepts.


Ensure a pleasant start to the holidays

  • Determine space requirements at process points such as check-in counters, security checks, etc.
  • Estimate underruns of distance at bottlenecks and evaluate the risk.
  • Check traffic routes and prevent overlapping with queues of shops.

Stadiums & Arenas

Don't let your fans wait any longer

  • Check the maximum number of visitors that can attend an event.
  • Investigate how the entrance can be optimally designed under Social Distancing.
  • Test capacities at typical bottlenecks such as circuits, toilets, F&B, etc.

Train stations

We create social distancing concepts for your station operations

  • Determine the space required on platforms, ticket counters, etc.
  • Estimate the distance underruns at bottlenecks to guide passenger traffic as safely as possible.
  • Test organizational measures with Social Distancing for their effectiveness.
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Read more about the preparation of a safety and hygiene concept (german) or about our research project DISTANSIM.

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