How to ensure safe operation with Social Distancing.

Check safety distance measures with crowd simulation.

Occupational safety during Covid-19

To ensure the safety of employees during the Covid-19 crisis, companies need special safety concepts. It must be ensured that new hygiene regulations and the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained. How can companies organize the entrance to the building, the occupancy of the canteen at lunchtime or cope with well-known bottlenecks like elevators?

Distance control in infrastructure buildings

In infrastructure buildings, planners and operators are faced with the challenge of which measures work best. What are the capacities at important nodes in the building? Where do bottlenecks arise? With the simulation of passenger flows, possible neuralgic points can be identified and optimized.



Focuse on safety of your employees.

To ensure that the hygiene concept works and that all specifications are met, you can use simulations as proof. The simulations determine how often the safety distance is undercut (e.g. in elevators or at entrances/exits) and how long the individual undercut lasts. From this, you can derive how many people can be in the building at the same time, how break times can be arranged so that employees are not exposed to risk, and much more. You can test and optimize various measures to ensure that you comply with occupational safety regulations and protect your employees.

DISTANSIM - Simulation von Abstandhalten an Bahnhöfen, Quelle: accu:rate

Put safe passenger operations first

With the help of our research project DISTANSIM, funded by mFUND/BMVI, we want to find answers to these questions. Identify at a glance what effects queuing at counters has on other areas, or where bottlenecks will develop, where the minimum distance may need to be undercut and which organisational measures can bring about an improvement. The colour coding makes it possible to visually highlight risk assessments. The evaluations of the simulation produce reliable figures on densities or on the duration of the undercutting of the safety distance. All this can be checked with a passanger flow simulation so that we can travel conveniently again.

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