Human behavior is complex

People don't act like machines. The diverse goals and motives of individuals can cause unpredictable behaviour and emergent phenomena. Crowded places are characterised by complicated and dynamic systems whose development cannot be intuitively forecast.
With accu:rate, you can analyse the complex structures of pedestrian flow and understand the interaction between people and space.

Identify and reduce risk

Crowd simulation aids the planning of construction projects and major events. Detailed graphics and video animations enable you to detect potential problems, which even experienced security experts can miss. The parameters and risks of a crowd can be considered independently, but it is only with simulation that their complex interplay reveals.

Create trust through transparency

Graphical comparisons between plans can aid decision making and make arguments cogent. With image, reaching a common understanding is easy for both project members and external parties. accu:rate’s results are visualized as diagrams, spreadsheets, pictures, and videos, providing demonstrable and objective conclusions in a detailed report.

Base decisions on objective criteria

Experience and know-how are the basis of responsible planning. We provide you with detailed information and professional visualizations so that you can justify your decisions objectively and with quantified evidence.

Simulation of people flow in various sectors:

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