What is crowd simulation?

Crowd simulation is the computer simulation of pedestrian flow on the basis of a mathematical model. Simulations depict the behaviour and movement of pedestrians.

These movements are simulated with the help of the geometry of the building and input data such as number and position of people. It is possible to make predictions about the filling, utilization of paths and areas or densities.

Pedestrian flow simulation is a digital planning tool, which enables planners to support their intuition and experience with the results of a predictive analysis.


How can a simulation be used?

Crowd simulation is a tool that can be used in many ways.

Most commonly, simulations are applied for evacuation and emergency scenarios. But there is also a variety of questions about comfort and capacity: the verification of in- and outflow scenarios or the simulation of capacity limits and processes are also typical application fields of crowd simulation.


What does simulation provide?

Above all, crowd simulation offers one thing: safety.

Simulations offer safety for the visitors at your event and in your building, but also for you as an operator or organizer, by being able to establish planning and cost certainty through simulation even before construction begins.

Furthermore, our result report acts as an assessment. Such certificates can, for example, be included in the fire safety concept and contribute in a positive way to the approvability.


Applications for crowd simulation

  • Fire Safety: Checking of evacuation and fire safety concepts, determination of capacity limits, compensation of regulations
  • Events: Review of the safety concept, entry and exit scenarios, optimization of ticket sales and position of service stands, and simulation of various emergency scenarios for the training of security staff
  • Construction: Examination of the utilization concept early in the planning phase, integration in BIM, comfort and process studies to optimize processes
  • Stadiums and arenas: Review of conversion concepts, safety and fire protection concepts as well as the distribution and utilization of supply stands
  • Traffic and mobility: Optimization of passenger flows at train stations and airports, stress-tests at maximum load during the main commuter time, utilization of escalators and stairs or analysis of transfer times



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