Human behavior is complex

People don't act like machines. They have various goals and motives, they move and act in different ways and with humans involved things don't always go as planned. Hence very crowded places are characterized by complicated and dynamic systems, whose development can’t be entirely understood and predicted in an intuitive way.

With accu:rate you have the chance to analyze the complex structure of pedestrian flows and to control it in a better way.

Spot and ban risks

Crowd simulation can help you as early as in the planning phase of a construction project or of a major event to spot and avoid possible bottlenecks. Detailed graphics and video animations enable you to surpass the limits that even experienced security experts have to face sometimes. Regarded independently, every single parameter and every particular bottleneck can be easily calculated and evaluated. But only in the simulation their complex interplay becomes apparent.

Create trust through transparency

Through a graphical comparison of the different plans you can make your argumentation more transparent and easier to understand for project members and external parties, because using pictures is the best way to reach a common understanding. The calculations of accu:rate can be visualized as diagrams, spreadsheets, pictures, and videos and provide objective evaluation criteria. Moreover you will receive a detailed report with all important information.

Decide based on objective evaluation criteria

Experience and know-how are the basis for responsible planning. We provide you with detailed information so that you can justify your choice objectively and with quantified evidence. Thanks to our professional visualizations you will convince all of your Stakeholders.


Image source: "BlurryUnderground" by Anna Dziubinska. Licence: CC0 1.0


Simulation of people flow in various sectors:

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