The FIFA World Football Museum is located in the "Haus zur Enge" in Zurich, where it opened up in February 2016 after finishing structural alteration works. On three different floors, you can learn how the international football evolved and inspired people all over the world. Football enthusiasts can join exhibitions, workshops, and events.

During the planning and reconstruction phase, we supported our client THEMATA (Potsdam) with a visitor flow simulation and a capacity optimization of the new museum of sports. Therefore, THEMATA and TRIAD (Berlin) provided the required input information for the simulation.


As it turned out, the simulation largely corresponded to reality. We staffed the bottlenecks from day one, which proved to be very good. After all, we performed very well in the benchmark compared to other museums.


The main intention of the museum´s operator was to establish a place, where visitors are able to enjoy their informative visit without spending most of the time waiting in line for the main attractions. accu:rate's aim was to spot possible bottlenecks during the planning phase. On the one hand, we checked the exhibition´s capacity for the supposed length of the visitors' stay and on the other hand the number of total visitors in the museum. With this approach we were able to provide information to the museum that enabled them to avoid possible issues during the planning phase.


FIFA World Football Museum


Image Source: "Galaxy of Balls", Copyright FIFA World Football Museum 


Customer: FIFA World Football Museum
Task: Capacity analysis
Result: Optimization of the visitor circuit

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