accu:rate and their partners generated a concrete proposal of an evacuation concept

The new MVStättVO (German regulations for venues) demands an evacuation concept for venues that are designed for more than 1,000 visitors. Nevertheless, it is not clearly defined, how such an evacuation concept should look like.

Vabeg® Germany, s-cape, and LITGER Ziel: Sicherheit! were approaching accu:rate during the development of such an evacuation concept to work together on the building block evacuation and the evacuation times.


The static formulas were not able to reproduce the simulations' results as soon as the geometry started to become complex.


On the example of the Saturn-Arena in Ingolstadt - an ice hockey stadium - accu:rate analyzed the varying evacuation times in cooperation with Vabeg® Germany, s-cape, and LITGER Ziel: Sicherheit!. The goal was to identify the evacuation times and to assess the advantages of both static formulas and dynamic simulation models. Therefore, we calculated the evacuation times of different scenarios and compared the results of the traditional, manual calculation to the ones of simulations.



Evacuation simulation of the ice rink after 90 seconds: 6,727 people in total were evacuated, which is the maximum permissible level of people according to the VStättVO.

Evacuation simulation of the stands after 60 seconds: 1,550 people leave the stands.


accu:rate executed the simulation, whereas Vabeg® Germany developed a manual static calculation. It turned out that for simple scenarios the manual calculation gave approximately equivalent results as the simulation. As soon as seating and levels of stands get included, the crowd dynamic can't be reproduced by static formulas.

These results were presented and discussed on the annual get together event of Vabeg® Germany.


Image source: accu:rate.

Fact sheet

Task group evacuation simulation
Task: Evaluate evacuation concepts with simulation
Result: Objective proof that simulations are a valid tool to evaluate evacuation concepts

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