The Architechnic International AG assigned accu:rate to support the design of the museum. Therefore we simulated the stream of visitors for the evacuation of the building, at the entrance of the museum as well as for the circuit of the museum.


"With the acquired knowledge, now there is a way to design the museums circuit from the perspective of the visitors' stream and the emergency case. In my opinion, this is a complete new approach for planing these kind of projects."
Felix Aries, Manager of Architechnic International AG


Analysis of the evacuation

accu:rate analysed the evacuation of the multi-level building and identified two critical areas. They found special consideration in the further design.

At the ground floor in one of the buildings there is a obvious jam (shown in red) in front of the exit at the right side

Analysis of the entrance area

In the simulation three groups of 16 persons simultaneously move around in the entrance area of the museum. accu:rate verified the smooth flow without congestion and located areas, where crowd control would be reasonable.

The screenshot of the simulation video shows the groups in different colors.

Optimization of the circuit

Due to several simulated variations of the visitor circuit the Architechnic International AG will rearrange the compilation of the 60 exhibitions to optimize the guidance of the visitors and avoid unnecessary holdups.



Title image source: "British Museum Great Court, London, UK" , Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0


Customer: Architechnic International AG
Task: Capacity analysis and evacuation simulation
Ergebnis: Optimization of escape routes

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