Canteens, cafeterias, or other highly frequented restaurants have to be reconstructed or even built newly to adapt to the visitor change. Many times, this is connected with challenging questions:

  • What is the optimal course for visitors?
  • How can customers be steered in a most efficient manner?
  • When do customers potentially have to be restrained?

On behalf of the State Building Authorities in Munich, accu:rate executed a simulation of the TU's canteen to answer the questions stated above. In close cooperation with our client we defined the input parameters and the objectives to be achieved.


The simulation helped to analyze the stream of visitors before the construction work started, so that we were able to detect and improve important bottlenecks.


This screenshots shows occuring queues at the different stations of the free-flow concept.

The resulting simulation helped to develop a concept that takes the visitors' behavior into consideration and optimizes natural movement patterns.


Image source: Picture by Hans Braxmeier via Pixabay.


Customer: Staatliches Bauamt München
Task: Process simulation
Result: Optimization of the free-flow area of the to be newly built canteen

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