The Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion has a long history. Since the opening in 1923, the stadium has been the home of several football clubs of the city.

After being damaged by the biggest flooding of the century in 2002, the city council decided to rebuild the stadium. Within 22 months, a modern arena was built for over 32,000 guests. It is currently the steepest one-tier stadium in Germany.

The Rudolf-Harbig-Stadions is not only a popular venue for football fans, but also a great location for many concerts of international musicians. One highlight, for example, was the Robbie Williams concert in June 2017.

Especially for such large events, where up to 30,000 people want to celebrate, the safety of all visitors is the most important aspect for the stadium operators.


Goal of the simulation

In order to ensure a safe event, accu:rate was commissioned by S&P Sahlmann to simulate an evacuation.


Scope of consideration

  • The total clearance of approximately 30,000 concert visitors on the event space inside of the building and on the tiers.
  • In order to provide a sufficient escape route width, two additional stairs are installed as flying structures, so that the arena has a total of six different escape options out of the building.



On the basis of accu:rates analysis, the evacuation time was determined- and security concept was optimized. The official permission was granted for the event.



screenshot simulation
Fig. 1: Ranks incl. Business area


Fig. 2: Indoor area of ​​the stadium at concert assignment


Photo credits: Marcus Böhm.


Client: S&P Sahlmann
Task: Evacuation simulation
Result: Review of the evacuation concept during conversion

Rudolf Harbig Stadion

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