Ensuring business continuity with simulations

In order to ensure occupational safety in a factory hall and to check the necessity of rebuilding measures, accu:rate was commissioned with a pedestrian flow simulation.



Business continuity is a top priority, especially in the automotive industry. An important aspect here is occupational safety and preventive fire protection. Innovative companies in particular rely on new technologies such as crowd simulation. accu:rate was therefore commissioned by a renowned fire protection agency to examine the evacuation concept of a major German corporation.


Goal of the simulation

The evacuation simulation was used to check if reconstruction measures are necessary in a production hall to ensure the safety of the employees or if the current measures are sufficient.


Scope of project

  • Evacuation of a factory hall when fully occupied
  • Examination of escape routes and evaluation of possible conversion measures



The results of the simulation show that there is no need for any reconstruction measures. Despite the longer escape route in case of an evacuation, all staff can leave the building in time.

The simulation was added to the fire protection concept as compensation, which meant that the complex and expensive construction measures could be saved.



Image sources:

Title image: by Laurel and Michael Evans via Unsplash

Project picture: Photo by Jean-Luc Valentin via Wikipedia (CC-BY-SA-4.0)


Task: Evacuation simulation
Result:Proof of safe evacuation

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