4D-Event GmbH and VDS GmbH were assigned to provide the safety concept for the pilgrimage "Jugendkorbinianswallfahrt" in Freising.
The original mandate also contained an evaluation of the visitors' safety at the cathedral in Freising.


"accu:rate's team is as flexible and spontaneous as their agents in the crowd simulation."
Florian Appelt, 4D-Event


Usually, these kind of historical buildings are very likely not to be in accordance with the latest building or event regulations (VStättVO).
accu:rate was involved in the project to simulate the evacuation concept. The goal was to get a close estimation of the process and the duration of the evacuation for different scenarios as well as to analyse how to guide and steer the crowd.

accu:rate did the modelling, simulation, and analysis for four evacuation scenarios within only 3 days, because the geometry was provided by 4D-Event's cutting-edge laser measuring technique (Robotic Station).

Distribution from the beginning of the simulation in the cathedral as well as an extract of the evacuation

The image shows the distribution of people at the beginning of the simulation in the cathedral (left) as well as an extract of the evacuation simulation (right).
The colours represent the destinations of the agents: the agents colored in red leave the building through the exit at the top left exit, orange agents top right and blue colored agents through the main entrance, on the bottom of the picture.

When thousands of people gather together in historical castles, strongholds, palaces, or chapels, your trust in God might not be enough.
A solid planning executed by well-versed experts underpinned with objective analysis will bring you peace of mind and will keep the all too secular world at bay.

"accu:rate's crowd simulation is a powerful tool for the evaluation of the visitors' safety.
As soon as all the necessary information are fed correctly into the system, you can simulate different scenarios of how to guide the visitors as well as analyse the behavior of the agents.
To interpret the results correctly and to devise appropriate guidelines, getting support from the experts is a great help."


"The team of accu:rate is flexible and spontaneous, just like their agents in the crowd simulation. Even if you are short on time they are going to move heaven and earth to provide various simulations to the safety planner on the double."

(Florian Appelt, 4D-Event)


Image source: "Freisinger Dom" by Bjoern Schwarz. Licence: CC BY 2.0


Client: 4D-Event GmbH, VDS GmbH
Task: Simulation of the cathedral's evacuation
Result: The simulation was able to generate important insights that could be used by Roland Maier and Florian Appelt for their safety concept.

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