By order of the Staatliches Bauamt München II (public building authority) and the CAD-Department Bavaria, accu:rate evaluated the persisting geometry of a lecture room by simulating several scenarios and compared it to a reconstruction variation.

Foto leerer Hörsaal im Klinikum Großhadern

The lecture room of the clinical center Großhadern offers seats for 162 students, who - in case of a fire alarm - have to leave the room as quickly as possible through two exits.


Defining the scenarios

Three evacuation scenarios of the fully occupied lecture room were simulated:

  1. The evacuation through the left exit, if the right exit is blocked
  2. The evacuation through both exits
  3. The evacuation through the right exit, if the left exit is blocked

In the following figures, the walking distances of the persons and the distribution of the velocities in the lecture hall are shown.

Laufwege der Personen
The walking distances of the persons in all three simulations
Verteilung der Geschwindigkeiten
Average velocities of the persons in the lecture room

To decide about the reconstruction that shall guarantee a faster and safer evacuation in case of an emergency, a variation according to the current requirements of the building law was simulated as well as the scenarios with the persisting geometry.



In the scenarios 1 and 3 the evacuation in the variation according to the building law was faster than the results of the persisting geometry. In the scenario 2, where both exits were used, the evacuation of the persisting geometry was a little bit faster.
The simulation results helped the public building authority to come to a decision regarding the replacement.


Image source: accu:rate.


Customer: Public building authority 2, CAD-Department Bavaria
Task: Evacuation simulation
Result: The variation corresponding with the regulations of the building law did not lead to an improvement of the evacuation duration

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