The event agency Zweiplan DAS PRODUKTIONSBÜRO GmbH was realizing a corporate event at a cruise port for 7,000 guests. accu:rate was comissioned to test the effectiveness of the planned evacuation measures in case of an emergency.

Cruise port map with zoom-in

The port's map including the four anchored AIDA Luxury Liners. When zooming in you can see every detail of the venue.

Cruise port map: agents colored by destination.

A screenshot of the 2-D visualization shows the simulation of an evacuation scenario. In this example the agents are colored by their particular destination. This improves the comprehension of the evacuation plan and facilitates adjustments.

Detailed view of the evaluation of congestion

The detailed view displays a congestion on a bridge that is used as escape way. The colored encryption visualizes the density, meaning the amount of people per square meter, calculated with the Voronoi-Density.

This diagram of the area shown above points out that there is a high density over a long period of time. Charts like this enable you - even without a video - to make statements about the course of the simulated evacuation measures over time and include them in a printed report.


Image source: Picture via Pixabay by FF16. Licence: CC0 1.0


Cusstomer: Zweiplan DAS PRODUKTIONSBÜRO GmbH
Task: Evacuation simulation
Result: optimized the asignment of the evacuation ways

Corporate event at a harbor with 7,000 guests, who enter the venue from four different cruises.

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