A new high-rise building in moscow

The planning of high-rise buildings is one of the most demanding projects in the real estate industry.
They are often showcases with high public visibility, high costs and are utilised across different domains: offices, appartments, shopping malls, etc. Well thought-out, usage-oriented planning is important.

A high-rise complex is currently being built in Moscow: The Grand Tower Moscow, consisting of a pedestal building and slender two towers, which sit on the pedestal building. Offices will be built in the 62 floors of the two towers. In the area of ​​the pedestal building, various service areas are planned next to apartments, including several parking floors, a spa area, a restaurant, shops and a conference area. Every day, around 20,000 people are expected to visit the building and, above all, the various facilities.


Does the building match the planned level of service?

When planning such a large building with different user groups, it is difficult to predict whether the building will meet the multiple requirements and the desired level of service (LOS). Therefore, accu:rate was commissioned by Werner Sobek Architects to create a comfort study using pedestrian flow simulation. In order to test the maximum load of the building, the peak hour was examined in normal operation. The focus of the analysis was on the three floors, in which the various user groups converge and are therefore the most frequented. Important questions were, for example: Do the various main entrances of the high-rise building cause disruptive intersections? Do visitors distribute through the building fast enough? Are the information desks well placed and sufficiently dimensioned?

The simulation was unable to reveal bottlenecks, which speaks in favour of a successful, visitor-friendly design. Through the clear visualization of the simulation, areas could be identified in which the level of service could be improved with minor changes. Visualizing the flow of visitors has given planners valuable input for improving the layout.

Fig .: Evaluation of the main routes in the entrance area of ​​the Grand Tower Moscow.

(Title)Image Sources: Copyright Werner Sobek 


Client: Werner Sobek
Task: Comfort analysis
Result: Optimizing the visitor flow in the multi-purpose building

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