accu:rate and easyRAUM teamed up and conducted a feasibility study: Can our software crowd:it provide the users of the 3D CAD software easyRAUMpro easy access to simulation of pedestrian crowds?

The goal was to use the CAD plans created in easyRAUM - including numerous seating variants - and simulate an evacuation.

We used the plans of the Mövenpick Hotels in Stuttgart. This venue offers various conference rooms, each with different seating variants.

We analyzed two seating variants of the largest conference hall and compared their respective evacuation times.


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The results speak for themselves: Plans created in easyRaumPro can be used in our simulation software crowd:it without any difficulty.

Besides different seating variants one can also simulate the arrival of guests as well as more involved event sequences like queuing or visiting different exhibits.


Image source: easyRAUM


Customer: easyRaum
Task: Proof-of-concept integration of crowd:it with easyRaumPro

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