Our partner Prof. Dr. Gerta Köster of the University of Applied Sciences Munich Hochschule München was leading the project seminar modelling and simulation.

The students’ task was to simulate the evacuation of a beer tent at the Oktoberfest in small groups and to present the results by means of virtual reality.
The visualization is based on accu:rate’s previous experiments with Google Cardboard to include the spectators' view in the events.
The highlight: the cognitive load is minimized and the user can apply his or her knowledge and experience directly when estimating the simulations.


The first version of the Google Cardboard

The seminar was structured as a scrum project in order to create a very realistic environment. That way the students get very well prepared for their future working life. In this project, Florian Sesser played the role of the customer - on the one hand to be able to influence the tasks, and on the other hand to support the students in case of questions.
Together they put the project into effect and produced extremely realistic results.
The team of eight students simulated the evacuation of a beer tent with Prof. Köster‘s VADERE-simulator and then with accu:rate’s 3D-visualization software. The simulation was presented by using Google Cardboard.
The results were pretty impressive: on the one hand a 3D video of the simulation of the evacuation and othe other hand an Android application, which can be used with a Google Cardboard.


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The result is pretty impressive: the students produced a 3D video of the evacuation as well as an android app that can be used with Google Cardboard.

But that is not all: there are many versions available which differ in the position of the camera:

1. The spectator is in the middle of the crowd and can walk around and discover everything.
2. The evacuation can be witnessed from the point of view of a single agent. The spectator can experience the event very closely.
3. A tracking shot, which gives the spectator a good overview. The spectator can almost look down on the event from above.

The third version is also available as 360°-Video.
It can also be watched regularly on the PC. But it is more exciting to watch it on your smartphone, because it’s possible to change the perspective by moving the device back and forth.
That way it’s possible to dive into a virtual word and it feels almost like being at the Oktoberfest.

Many thanks to the team:

- Benjamin Adjei
- Benjamin Degenhart
- Christos Tsiliakis
- Daniel Seitz
- Josef Mark
- Matthias Laubinger
- Stefan Ronczka
- Tobias Hoefer