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<!-- Dr. Angelika Kneidl -->

Dr. Angelika Kneidl


Angelika Kneidl is one of the leading international experts in the field of crowd simulation. Since 2009, she has been working full-time on the computer simulation of crowd movement. Her PhD thesis on the same topic was awarded a PhD award, and many other prizes and awards followed. Today, she leads one of the most forward-looking companies in the field. In addition, she actively shapes the topics of engineering methods and personal safety, as the 1st board member of the renowned RiMEA e.V. as well as through her participation in international committees.

<!-- Sophia Simon -->

Sophia Simon (Dipl.-Soz.)

Head of Operations

Sophia Simon is a real all-rounder. No matter if there are questions about crowd:it, our services or research projects, she helps our customers and partners at any time and on any topic competently and with a lot of enthusiasm.  Her education as a sociologist allows her to communicate Deep Tech topics in an comprehensible way. At the same time, Sophia is responsible for business development, HR, and finance and is, with her imaginative and communicative manner, our strategist and visionary all in one.

<!-- Susanne Baur -->

Susanne Baur (M.Sc.)


As a landscape architect and urbanist, Susanne has a flair for how to design places well. She also brings valuable project management skills from her independent work in 3D visualization. She now applies this knowledge to the topics of safety and comfort and is responsible for any kind of simulation projects.

<!-- Max Werner -->

Max Werner (B.Sc.)


Max is part of the project team. He has always been interested in linking the (environmental) world and technology, which is why he decided to study environmental engineering. During his studies, he specialized mainly in digital methods such as simulations. He now uses this interest in and knowledge of digital planning methods in the simulation projects.

<!-- Felix Hartmann -->

Felix Hartmann (M.Sc.)


Felix comes from a consulting background in the cultural and leisure sector, where he has conducted a wide range of projects, from profitability analyses to visitor flow management and visitor dramaturgy. Through his studies in applied cognitive and media science with a focus on psychology and computer science, he also has a deep understanding of how human behavior can be modeled. With this rare knowledge he is a valuable addition to our project team and supervises research projects.

<!-- Janik Scholl -->

Janik Scholl (B.Sc.)


As a trained environmental engineer and computer scientist, Janik Scholl knows how to deal with complicated problems. In the project team he is mostly responsible for the automated incorporation of complex boundary conditions. As a long-time team member, he has carried out many simulation projects, especially he was responsible for the automated incorporation of complex boundary conditions. He now uses his experience in numerous simulation projects for the further development of our software crowd:it and is happy to show it to you in a software demo.

<!-- Simon Brunner -->

Simon Brunner (M.Sc.)


As a Games Engineering specialist (TUM), Simon is responsible for the visualization of people flows (2D/3D) and the topics UI/UX. In addition, he is our BIM expert and actively pushes the connection of crowd:it to BIM models in international partnerships. One of his great strengths is to understand the customers’ needs and implement to it in our software. If you have any questions about BIM and visualization, please feel free to contact him.

<!-- Matthias Laubinger -->

Matthias Laubinger (B.Sc.)


Matthias has been passionate about crowd simulation already during his studies of Scientific Computing, where he worked with Prof. Köster’s research simulator VADERE. After working in the automotive field for several years, he has now returned to the world of simulations and fits perfectly into our software team with his expertise and his communicative and open-minded nature.

<!-- Dr. Gayathri Harihara Subramanian -->

Dr. Gayathri Harihara Subramanian

IGSTC Post-Doctoral Researcher

Gayathri is a postdoctoral researcher at accu:rate, supported by the industrial fellowship granted by the Indo-German Science and Technology Center (IGSTC). She holds a PhD from IISc Bangalore, India. Her PhD dissertation was on understanding and modeling crowd flow and risk behaviors in mass religious gatherings. She is currently focusing on improving the agents’ intelligence and applying this knowledge into crowd:it to make them more realistic.

<!-- Nicole Rübbe -->

Nicole Rübbe


Nicole Rübbe works as a team assistant at accu:rate and makes sure that everything always runs smoothly. Currently she is on parental leave.