Contact us for advice in planning and implementing your projects:

<!-- Dr. Angelika Kneidl -->

Dr. Angelika Kneidl


The results of Angelika’s PhD thesis were the starting point of accu:rate. Since then she contributes to accu:rate’s success with her expertise in modelling and managing projects.

<!-- Thomas Bareth -->

Thomas Bareth


Thomas is an experienced civil engineer and heads the project team. Contact Tom for all questions regarding project handling and modelling. Tom studied civil engineering (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Munich and has been part of the team for many years.

<!-- Simon Brunner -->

Simon Brunner


Simon studies games engineering at the Technical University of Munich (M.Sc.) and supports the software team as a working student since August 2019.

<!-- Nicole Horstmann -->

Nicole Horstmann


Nicole works as an team assistant at accu:rate and makes sure that everything is perfectly organized.

<!-- Alex Platt -->

Alex Platt


Alex studied Mathematics (B.Sc. International Study) In Great Britain. He has been part of the accu:rate product team since November 2017.

<!-- Johannes Röder -->

Johannes Röder


Johannes leads the development team and offers his experience in developing large simulation applications. He has a diploma in computer science from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie.

<!-- Uma Sarsam -->

Uma Sarsam


As part of the dual studies programme at IUBH Munich, Uma studies marketing management and supports the marketing team.

<!-- Janik Scholl -->

Janik Scholl


Janik studies environmental engineering at the Technical University of Munich and supports the project team of accu:rate since March 2018.

<!-- Sophia Simon -->

Sophia Simon

Business Development

Sophia has gained international experience in startups and uses this knowledge for her work in Marketing and Business Development at accu:rate. She has studied sociology, psychology and communication at the LMU Munich.

<!-- Heide Stein -->

Heide Stein


Heide is a chemical engineer (M.Sc., TU Munich) and responsible for the handling of customer projects at accu:rate. She is part of our team since April 2020.

<!-- Veronika Zwickenpflug -->

Veronika Zwickenpflug


Veronika Zwickenpflug studies Computer Science (M. Sc.) at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. She is part of the product team and works in software development.