This project is the follow-up project to ESCAPE, the results of which are now being tested and further developed in practice. ESCAPE PRO focuses on extensive practical testing of the existing simulation software for police deployment planning. The knowledge gained from this will serve as the basis for the iterative further development of the software. As part of the UEFA EURO 2024, crowd flow simulations will ultimately be created for all ten match locations, which will be incorporated into the operational planning of the police forces.


Numerous major events, some of which take place at the same time and attract large numbers of visitors, regularly pose major challenges for event organizers, authorities issuing permits and authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). This raises the question of how such major events can be made as safe as possible and how operational planning can be improved, not least due to the continuing abstractly high risk of terrorist-motivated acts of violence.

Project goal

The aim of the ESCAPE PRO innovation project is to further develop the demonstrator developed in the ESCAPE research project in a user-oriented manner so that the implementation of simulations can be integrated into police deployment planning.

The software will initially be tested in various operational situations in 2023. Once it has been optimized with regard to the needs of the police, the software is to undergo a nationwide "stress test" as part of the operational planning for UEFA EURO 2024 with the participation of all ten match locations. The subsequent evaluation is intended to check whether the software delivers the hoped-for added value and is in an appropriate cost-benefit ratio.


The ESCAPE research project has succeeded for the first time in combining macroscopic and microscopic approaches within one software model. This step makes it possible to simulate and subsequently analyze large-scale events with a large number of people. With the help of these analyses, completely new security-relevant information can be obtained for police situation assessment, which can also be incorporated into operational planning. The aim of the project is to build a bridge to practical application and to use the demonstrator in selected police operations in police planning teams.

Further information about the ESCAPE research project.

ESCAPE Pro: makroskopische Simulation, die bei Engstellen in mikroskopische Analysen übergehen. Die Identifikation von neuralgischen Punkten erfolgt über die Analyse von Realdaten.
ESCAPE Pro: Das Projektkonsortium am Kick-Off beim Polizeipräsidium Stuttgart

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