Check safety goals and the fire safety concept with crowd simulation

In order to evacuate all people in case of emergency, it is important to be aware of the correct alignment of escape and rescue routes and optimal preventive fire protection measures when planning or redesigning buildings. Evacuation simulations can be used to check the evacuation concept and identify neuralgic spots in order to comply with the given safety goals.


Simulation as a compensation measure

The design of escape and rescue routes is particularly important, as these make an essential contribution by ensuring visitor safety in an emergency. Descriptive standards and regulations do exist.
However, these standards cannot always be complied when buildings are newly constructed or converted; this is particularly a problem for listed buildings.
This is exactly where we can help you: By using modern engineering methods, we can provide an objective and neutral expert opinion that can verify the safety goals.
This provides you with a meaningful and comprehensible analysis of your venue and can be included in your fire safety concept as a compensation measure.

The fact that simulations are already a recognized as state of the art is not only shown by the standardization efforts in DIN 18009-2 evacuation simulation (german) within the framework to standardize engineering methods for fire safety; also the quote from the spokesman of the testing experts for fire protection in Bavaria, Germany, shows the endorsement:

"Of course, we use software for crowd simulation for our work. The technology is there and it's impossible to imagine the future without it."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Herbert, Test expert for fire protection

Validation of safety and evacuation concepts

With the simulation of pedestrians, evacuation times can be specifically determined for different scenarios. The simulation not only gives you a result, but also shows how an evacuation develops, where potential bottlenecks occur and at what time how many people enter the safe zones. The usage and capacity limts of escape routes can thus be easily identified.
We test various what-if scenarios and provide you with recommendations for optimization if necessary.


Check capacities

Furthermore, capacities can be checked with a simulation. Obtain proof of whether rooms and escape routes in your building are adequately dimensioned.


We were able to support these customers with a simulation:

Simulation of the “Studio 12” of Bavaria Studios

Simulation of the “Studio 12” of Bavaria Studios

Capacity expansion of the LANXESS arena

Capacity expansion of the LANXESS arena

Evacuation simulation of the Allianz Arena

Evacuation simulation of the Allianz Arena

We provide

Your added value

  • Cost savings through proof that all persons can leave the building safely
  • Quick identification of critical areas
  • Simple checking of escape route capacities and evacuation times
  • Virtual testing of escape plans

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