Improve safety concepts with evacuation simulations

Each event is unique and varies in the number of visitors, location and type.

What do events have in common? Most of the time, many visitors come together and dynamics and interactions can develop that are not predictable. How does the situation develop when it comes to an emergency? Are all visitors able to leave the location unharmed?


Add quantitative data to your expertise

We offer the opportunity to enhance your experience with quantitative data and thus give you confidence in your decisions.

In order to ensure the safety of visitors and to be able to evacuate all persons in an emergency, a solid safety concept is a must for every event.

With evacuation simulations the safety concept can be validated in advance.

We analyse different what-if scenarios, identify possible bottlenecks and examine potential critical areas, capacity limits and inflow or outflow of the location.

On the basis of the analysis we provide, you are well prepared for an emergency, can make changes to the layout and train evacuation and security staff accordingly.


With crowd simulation you can answer the following questions:

  • How many visitors can attend the event without compromising safety?
  • Where do bottlenecks occur that can lead to congestion and endanger visitors when there are large crowds? How can these be resolved?
  • How can the layout of the event be improved?
  • How long does it take to evacuate the event?
  • What is the capacity utilisation of individual escape routes? Is it optimally arranged?
  • What are the maximum densities?
  • When developing emergency plans for security and rescue services: How do different measures affect the flow of visitors?


We support you in answering these and many other questions competently.

Take a look at some of our customer projects:

Evacuation simulation of the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion in Dresden

Evacuation simulation of the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion in Dresden

Evacuation simulation of the Cannstatter Wasen

Evacuation simulation of the Cannstatter Wasen

Evacuation simulation of Oktoberfest, Munich

Evacuation simulation of Oktoberfest, Munich

We provide

Your added value

  • Minimize the remaining risk
  • Identify optimal capacities
  • Reliably test evacuation plans
  • Virtually compare event layouts

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