Every event is different

Event location, visitors' attendance and profile, composition of the booths and the stage as well as the schedule – all these factors are very different at every single event. In order to be best prepared for a fun and safe event, you want to consider all these factors and predict all of their consequences.

Public Viewing im Olympiastadium, EM2012 - ITA-DEU, by Ole.Pophal on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Image source: "EM2012 - ITA-DEU: Public Viewing im Olympiastadion München." by "Ole.Pophal". Licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

The dynamics that can occur at events with thousands of people cannot always be grasped just with human intuition - and you might be left with misgivings.


We offer you the opportunity to add quantitative data to your expertise that enables you to undermine your decision.

The focus can be on the smooth realization of an event, the simulation of different emergency plans, and many more. The simulation and analysis of visitors’ flows represent the basis of crowd management during an event.

With visitor flow simulation you can answer the following questions:

  • How many visitors can come to the event without causing problems for safety?
  • Where are bottlenecks, which can lead to congestion or cause danger for the visitors? How can these be solved?
  • What is the highest density of people?
  • Which are signals of a dangerous situation? How can be reacted to these signals in time?
  • Which consequences do railings and site fences have for the visitors’ flows?
  • While preparing operational plans for security and rescue teams: what impact do different measures have on the visitors’ flows?

We help you to find a professional answer to these and to other questions.

Please have a look at our references for more information:


Evacuation simulation of Oktoberfest, Munich

Evacuation simulation of Oktoberfest, Munich

Evacuation Simulation of Landshuter Hochzeit

Evacuation Simulation of Landshuter Hochzeit

Evacuation Analysis of Rosenheim’s Ice Hockey Stadium

Evacuation Analysis of Rosenheim’s Ice Hockey Stadium

We offer

Your added value

  • Minimize the remaining risk
  • Identify optimal capacities
  • Reliably test evacuation plans
  • Virtually compare event layouts 

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