Validate safety and fire protection concepts with evacuation simulations

Especially when planning events and public buildings, the safety of the visitors must be the first priority. But what happens if the worst comes to the worst?


Ensure safety

In emergency situations, the safety concept of your event or building will be put to the test. It is now questionable whether the measures taken in advance are sufficient and whether processes or procedures function as planned. Are there sufficient escape route widths available? Are the evacuation times adhered to as planned?
Answer these questions even before an emergency occurs: with evacuation simulations.
The digital planning tool crowd simulation enables you to virtually simulate and compare what-if scenarios. Obtain validated results to improve your fire safety concept. The results not only help you to minimize the risk, but also to train your security personnel (e.g. evacuation assistants) in the best possible way.

In concrete terms, for you as an operator or organizer this means: planning reliability and a minimized residual risk for a safe event - for your visitors.


Simulations as an engineering method in fire safety

Especially in the field of fire safety there are countless regulations and standards that must be observed.
But what happens during the renovation of a listed building? How can an evacuation concept be validated here? Sometimes today's regulations cannot simply be applied to every building.
Even in cases like this, crowd simulation is helpful: we can check for you whether your evacuation concept works. You can enclose the proof as compensation with the permit - and thus avoid expensive reconstruction measures.


Which questions can be answered with evacuation simulations?

  • Where are neuralgic points or bottlenecks?
  • How long does it take to evacuate the venue?
  • What happens if an escape route is blocked?
  • Are the escape routes sufficient? Can their position be optimised?
  • Where should evacuation assistants ideally be positioned?


Some of our customer projects:

Evacuation simulation of a production hall

Evacuation simulation of a production hall

Simulation of the “Studio 12” of Bavaria Studios

Simulation of the “Studio 12” of Bavaria Studios

Capacity expansion of the LANXESS arena

Capacity expansion of the LANXESS arena

We provide

  • The determination of evacuation times, neuralgic points and bottlenecks
  • The validation of your safety and fire protection concept
  • Solid results that are understandable for all parties

Your added value

  • The possibility to compensate for deviations
  • Proof of compliance with the protection objectives
  • A well-founded basis for decisions on changes

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