DISTANSIM: Implementation of social distancing in crowd simulation

DISTANSIM wants to contribute to increasing the feeling of safety in public space. The findings of current studies are analyzed to determine how to model social distancing in crowd simulation. It can be used e.g. in train stations to test how measures to implement the distance regulations can be further improved. The current project DISTANSIM is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) within the framework of the mFUND with a total of 23,742 Euros.


The Corona crisis has had an impact on public life such as we have not seen in recent decades. DISTANSIM wants to develop a tool with which the implementation of the safety distance between people can be checked and improved. Specifically, research is to be carried out into how safety distance can be incorporated into a simulation model as an adjustable parameter.


Project goal

Using crowd simulation, planners and operators should be able to test different scenarios in order to learn how the layout of infrastructure buildings can be further improved in the current situation. These findings can then be incorporated as an important part of hygiene concepts and support public when they return to normal operation.



With the help of the latest scientific literature and studies, the basis on how to model social distancing will be analyzed. These findings will be transferred to the simulation model and demonstrated in a show case. This show case will be presented to different interest groups and thus tested for practical suitability.

social distancing simulation
DISTANSIM - Simulation von Abstandhalten an Bahnhöfen, Quelle: accu:rate

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DISTANSIM Technical Report

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Total of funding: 23.741,80 €

Funding period: 05/2020 – 06/2020

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funded by BMVI