accu:rate x Companeer

Long waiting times at security checkpoints in stadiums are not uncommon and can threaten safety. How can secure entry to the stadium be as efficient as possible? Are there enough queuing and relaxation areas? Can everyone leave quickly after a game or during an evacuation?

The Companeer engineers, passionate football fans and proven experts in all stadium-related topics, have recognised the potential for optimization and developed a modular entry gate system.

Due to its Z-shaped arrangement, capacity can increase by up to 50%. Furthermore, the adjustable gate system can be opened by security staff in an emergency, allowing full access to escape routes.

We simulated and compared different entry scenarios with different arrangements of gates. These simulations enabled us to check the queuing behaviour and the dynamics of visitors in advance.

In the first scenario, the classical horizontal arrangement of the security gates was investigated. In the second scenario, we examined the new Z-shaped arrangement.


Left: Horizontal arrangement of the gates; right: Z-shaped arrangement of the gates

The simulation helped confirm gates’ functionality and advantages. Now, Companeer have proven technology that integrates into stadiums and improves safety and order.

About Companeer:
The Companeer project engineers are specialized in problem solving and stadium management. Companeer advises you in questions of security and mobility as well as in the organization of events taking place stadiums. Companeer intelligently combines project experience and engineering skills with creativity and strong communication skills.