1.8.8 is released! 


We develop and improve crowd:it continuously. And now, version 1.8.8  is released.

In addition to various bug fixes, there are also some great new features that we would like to introduce to you:


New info panel

Get a more detailed overview of your simulation objects with our new info panel. It consists of two areas: The upper section provides information about the selected simulation objects and their types. The second section provides details about whether the object has been linked to a set, PathSnippet or Paths and if so, to which set or PathSnippet or Paths it has been linked.




New PathSnippet heuristic "MayVisit"









Especially in process simulations it can happen that not all pedestrians visit each stopover (e.g. a toilet or cloakroom). The new feature "MayVisit" provides a solution to this problem: From now on you can assign a visit probability to each stopover of the PathSnippet, with which the agent visits the area.

To illustrate this, we have modelled an example from everyday life for you.

All employees work in the main office (shown here as a Set ChairsEG) and meet in the MainRoom in the afternoon for a meeting. 75% of the employees store their work utensils in the cupboards (shown here as a Set Lockers) and have to visit them at the beginning and end of the working day. Another 10% have to take something out of their lockers before the meeting and 20% go to the restroom before the meeting.


Improved behavior for "invisible" simulation objects

As in many CAD programs it is also possible in crowd:it to hide single objects in the plan with the "Set colors" dialog. This provides a better overview in some situations. To further simplify the modeling process, hidden simulation objects can no longer be clicked directly in the plan. To make the simulation objects visible and clickable again, you can use "Set colors" to color the objects again. Important: Even "invisible" simulation objects are included in the simulation!




A complete list of our changes can be found in our changelog.

Have further questions? Desired feature not yet in this release? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!