2.7.0 is released! 


We develop and improve crowd:it continuously. And now, a new version is released with great new features.


Improved dialogs: Integrated Geometry Preview

Many settings for simulation objects are reflected graphically in crowd:it. Stairs, for example, are displayed with the correct number of treads set by the user. For escalators, two small arrows indicate the direction of travel; and for queues, an arrow indicates the direction in which people are queuing. We have now included this image as a preview in the corresponding properties dialogs. This allows you to visually understand your changes immediately without having to search for the object in the floorplan.

The changes affect stairs, escalators, queues, portals and tripwires.

Improved user interaction

We are always working to make crowd:it easier to use and are happy to incorporate your feedback into the development process. With this release we have taken care of the Summary Tables; for example to paths
(if your project contains simulation results, you can find the summary tables in crowd:it in the menu: Analyze => Create summary...). The tables have been visually enhanced to make the content of individual rows easier to read. Furthermore, the tables can now be easily copied, or exported as csv or png.

New features on the way: Java 11

In order to be able to constantly develop new features, we have to make sure that crowd:it is always technically up to date. Therefore, with this update we are changing the Java version used by crowd:it from version 8 to version 11. After the update, you will be prompted to reinstall the software when you start crowd:it: This will ensure that the correct Java version is delivered to you. Beyond that, you do not need to do anything.

A complete list of our changes can be found in our changelog.

Do you have further questions? Your desired feature is not yet in this release? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!