2.4.0 is released! 


We develop and improve crowd:it continuously. And now,  a new version is released.

There are also some great new features that we would like to introduce to you:

Improved origin dialog

To make the creation of origins even easier, we have redesigned the dialog. Creating and managing the generation intervals is now clearer and we have tweaked the order of the fields.







Improved waiting zone dialog

Two different waiting behaviors are available for waiting zones. Either each pedestrian has to wait for a fixed period of time or the waiting persons are always allowed to leave the waiting zones at a fixed time. To reflect this behavior, the dialog was restructured. Now you can choose between fixed and scheduled waiting behavior.







Configuration option of the agent coloring in the export dialog

In addition to the existing settings, the color settings for the agents can now be made directly in the video and screenshot export dialog. These are also applied to saved reports and therefore only need to be set once.





New data series and predefined charts

In addition, some new data series and predefined charts have been added.

Here is a small selection of the added data series / predefined charts:

  • Evacuation chart  (Agents still in building)
  • Total arrived agents (Agents arrived at save destination)
  • Arrival chart  (Number of agents that reach a destination at a time)
  • Max individual congestion duration  (How long was each agents in a congestion)
  • Number of agents in congestion (How many agents were involved in the jam)
  • Premovement distribution (Which premovement distribution was achieved)
  • Velocity distribution (Which velocity distribution was achieved)


Improved charting performance

In addition to implementing new features, we also focus on making crowd:it faster. This time, we took a closer look at the chart dialog and were able to speed it up significantly.


A complete list of our changes can be found in our changelog.

Have further questions? Desired feature not yet in this release? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!