Create evaluations in 6 steps


We used the lock down to give crowd:it a new look and have implemented many new features that will be released in the next weeks.

Our new analysis tool - create evaluations intuivly

We have made the evaluations even more intuitive. We have placed great emphasis on adopting the user perspective to create evaluations step by step:

And at any time you can see in the preview window how the current selection affects the result. So you can see immediately whether the created chart corresponds to what you intend to do.

Step 1: Select area to be evaluated

At the beginning it can be decided which area should be evaluated - from the complete scenario for evacuation processes to flow rates on stairs - everything is possible with just a few clicks!


Neue Auswertungen Schritt 1


Step 2: Select chart type

Now it's time to choose the type: Depending on what you want to evaluate, the chart type can be selected. New: from now on, barcharts are also available! An overview of the different diagram types can be found here.


Neue Auswertungen Schritt 2


Step 3: Select data series

Now let's get down to business, the selection of the data series. Many different data series are available here, already pre-sorted by the selection of the chart type and the evaluation area.

In order to find the desired data series more quickly, you can filter according to the x-axis and y-axis. As soon as you click on Calculate in the right window area, the resulting graph is calculated in the preview.


Neue Auswertungen Schritt 3


Step 4: Refine data

Should the data be further aggregated, e.g. summed, averaged, or minimum and maximum displayed? This can be set in this step. Due to our modular structure, completely individual time periods of the aggregation can be set. The result of the selection is displayed again immediately after setting in the preview window for maximum control.


Neue Auswertungen Schritt 4


Step 5: Choose chart layout

Here, settings for layout and design are made. Axis labels, size, title - everything is individually adjustable and the result is directly visible in the preview window.


Neue Auswertungen Schritt 5


Step 6: export as .png or .csv

Neue Auswertungen Schritt 6Now the finished chart can be exported - either directly as .png, or also the raw data series as .csv for further processing in Excel.



Neue Auswertungen Schritt 6



Happy evaluation wishes you your crowd:it team!

We are always happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement at