Typical result representations

Evacuation time curves

In most cases, the evacuation time line is of great importance for the classic evacuation analysis. In our software crowd:it it is possible to distinguish between exits and floors and thus get a detailed look on different evacuation areas. Depending on the use case, the relevant information are visualized in a tangible way.


Heatmap of a simulation

Heatmaps help to get an overview of where higher densities occur in the scenario. The scenario is divided into tiles and in each tile the corresponding value of the person density is determined. The coloring of these values is customizable to the customers' nee, e.g. colorin according of the level-of-service.

Congestion evaluation

In relation to the DIN 18009-2, the congestion evaluation also plays a significant role. crowd:it offers the possibility to customize the analysis according to your project. For example, an analysis of the individual congestion times or overall congestion times.

Elevator analysis

In the area of process analyses, the evaluation of vertical circulation elements provides information on possible optimizations and adjustments. With our software crowd:it, we generate revealing information on elevator trips and their durations. This helps to determine the optimal number of elevators and stairs for each building.


Social Distancing

Even when it comes to analyzing a potential risk of infection, we can assist with helpful measurement methods. In our software crowd:it software, we can evaluate how long and, above all, where shortfalls in minimum distances occur. This means that precautionary adjustments can be made to the building or, for example, to the hygiene concept in order to make events even safer.

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