Check and optimize your building with crowd simulation

Forecasting how people will move around a building is highly complex. Therefore, possible bottlenecks and neuralgic points should be identified in the planning phase to save money and time.

Moskau Grand Tower
Grand Tower Moscow, Copyright Werner Sobek

With the help of crowd simulations, you can test the usage patterns and the resulting people flows of your building in advance. From everyday processes to evacuation - simulations provide a clear outcome of whether and how your building will perform. In general, all types of buildings can be simulated - from small offices to entire shopping malls and complex high-rise buildings.

Planning with insight

You are planning a building, but you do not know exactly how the future visitors will move around? Crowd simulations can help here. Validate your project before construction begins or before reconstruction and renovation measures. This will save you time and money by avoiding expensive planning errors.

Examine reconstruction and renovation measures

Your building is to be adapted to new standards or meet new requirements through a change of use?
With a crowd simulation you can investigate in advance whether the new building design really brings the hoped-for improvement compared to the actual situation or find out which is the optimal conversion concept by comparing different variants.

Validate safety and fire safety concepts

In order to evacuate every person in case of emergency, special focus has to be paid to the design of escape and rescue routes as well as to preventive fire protection measures.
By using simulations, we are able to provide an objective and neutral expert opinion that verifies the safety goals. We show how an evacuation develops, where potential bottlenecks occur and at what time how many people have entered the safe space.
This provides you with a meaningful and comprehensible analysis of your property and can be included in your fire safety concept as a compensatory measure.

Check the utilization concept

Before you start construction, you should check whether your building can meet its later requirements. Simulations can identify highly frequented areas, but also places that are barely used by visitors. This helps you to adjust services such as cleaning cycles or the number of cash desks.
And especially in buildings that combine different user groups, a simulation can be used to check whether your concept works and all visitors feel comfortable.

Level of service and comfort

A high level of service is particularly important in buildings that accommodate many visitors. Crowd simulations allow to check the quality of the building with a comfort study.

Simulation and BIM

bim2sim 3d simulation
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By using new technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), simulations can be deeply integrated into your planning processes.
Whether new construction or modernization of buildings and infrastructures - buildings for many people are a challenge for planners, clients and operators. Often, improvements have to be made because important details have been overlooked. The costs are skyrocketing. Wouldn't it be better to plan with the many visitors from the very beginning?
Simulate pedestrian movement in the BIM model to avoid issues later.


We were able to support these customers with a simulation:

Comfort analysis of the office complex EDGE East Side in Berlin

Comfort analysis of the office complex EDGE East Side in Berlin

Comfort analysis of the Grand Tower Moscow

Comfort analysis of the Grand Tower Moscow

Visitor flow analysis of the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace

Visitor flow analysis of the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace

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  • Quick identification of critical areas
  • Secured planning
  • Validation of escape route capacities and evacuation times
  • Evaluation of the safety and fire safety concept
  • Optimization of the building in terms of benefits and comfort

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