• Florian Sesser leaves accu:rate GmbH
  • Dr. Angelika Kneidl continues to run the company on her own


Letter from Florian Sesser

When Angelika and I set out to found accu:rate almost seven years ago, I of course hoped, but did not believe it possible we‘d find such a great team and master so many exciting tasks together.

Now, in 2020, our expertise is in demand, and our innovative simulation software crowd:it has successfully launched and is used in production.

Developing crowd:it together was a lot of fun. Our outstanding team improves our software and the company day by day, and I am looking forward to watching accu:rate grow.

We started the company as a team of two and made it what it is today. But currently two managing directors are one too many. I am resigning with immediate effect.

Angelika is the idea giver, has always been the scientific head and also the one who has represented the company in public and on many stages. I am sure that she will continue to do so brilliantly.

The best company is nothing without good customers, and I am grateful and happy that we have been able to work with so many exciting personalities and inspiring teams over the years to make
the world a little bit safer. I wish the team every success, and I am sure many good things are coming your way.