A true highlight of last year: Angelika Kneidl got the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the TEDxTUM event, a spin-off of the TED Conference.

TED Talks is all about “ideas worth spreading”. The aim is to share people’s passions, set spark to the curious mind and encourage the community to flourish upon each other’s ideas. Initially, the 18-minute talks focused on topics in the areas of technology, entertainment and design (TED). Now, TED also promotes talks with political or economic subjects that are held from specialists to famous people such as Bill Clinton.

In keeping with this approach, the TEDx Talks are local and self-organized events. The theme of the 2017 event was “Re-Formations of Tomorrow“. 15 speakers presented their future-oriented ideas to approx. 500 visitors – from new technologies to science and cultural and social approaches.

Angelika presented her vision of pedestrian simulations. Behind the title “less queuing, more safety – the power of crowd simulation” stands the idea to improve planning with the observation and computer-aided simulation of human motion – whether for public safety or as a planning tool to make buildings more human-centered.



Photo credit: Wade Million